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Primary Care Reinvented.

At Total Men’s, we believe taking care of your health shouldn’t be difficult. That’s why we’ve re-designed the whole primary care experience and made going to the doctor as quick and easy as possible.

Our team is focused on creating the best healthcare experience possible for our patients.  Imagine going to a doctor’s office that truly put your needs first, not the doctor’s profits. 

At Total Men’s Primary Care:

  • You’re able to check-in from the convenience of your phone or computer, without touching stacks of paperwork.
  • You’ll be welcomed by a lobby filled with snacks, drinks and TVs, not some grungy waiting room that hasn’t been updated since the 70’s,
  • You’re seen at the time you’re scheduled. If you show up on time, we will do our part to see you on time

The truth is – we are not part of a massive health care organization. We are a group of healthcare and technology geeks who want to help men take better care of their health. We’re working to reinvent healthcare by providing high-quality, affordable, accessible, and comfortable healthcare for all of our patients through a blend of design, technology, and a dedicated team.



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Not Your Average Doctor’s Office

Other Doctors Offices

  • Hard to book an appointment
  • Long wait
  • Lots of paperwork
  • Confusing bills
  • Rushed doctors
  • Total Men’s Primary Care

    • Same day appointments
    • Online scheduling
    • No wait
    • Paperless check-in
    • Experience talking about “guy stuff”
    • Transparent pricing and billing

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